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How can I get my thread deleted?

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I have no idea. Flagging it might get their attention but I'm not sure if that's kosher. In the meantime, you could edit *your* posts and delete whatever you said. But unfortunately everyone's responses are still there, even if they quote you..


That probably doesn't help much. Just thought I'd throw it out in case.

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They're pretty unresponsive about deleting threads. I think it's their policy that if you don't want it to be on the web forever, you shouldn't post it.


You might try pm'ing everyone who posted on your thread and asking them to replace their text with nm.

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I did delete my posts, but I was actually more concerned about some of the replies. But Bonnie, I followed your suggestion and PM'd everyone, and they all understood and most have deleted their posts. I am so relieved. I hate it when I do dumb things!!! :( :( :( Ah well, live and learn....


Oh, and I did also send a PM to the Moderator, as well as emailed the Contact Us button above.... all to no avail. But at least with the thread unreadable I am less concerned about it now.



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