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Shurley English 1. Chapter 1-4...do I need to do them?

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So I was getting ready to start up with Shurley English this upcoming week. I looked through the TM and the readiness chapters. Are you kidding me!!?? :eek: All that work to collect items and pictures of food, toys, clothing, etc, etc!!??


Do I really need to do these first 4 chapters? I'm wondering if anyone out there has skipped them. Just the thought of going through magazines, books, and the internet to find these images wears me out! If I need to do it, I will...but someone PLEASE tell me that I don't need to!!!



Liz in NC

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The idea of classifying is important in english.....and math......and science....I am pretty sure that you have covered the concept before. If you haven't then you might want to consider covering the concept in a different way. We have sorted buttons (size, shape, # of holes,...), shoes (sandals, tennis shoes, laces, buckles,...), etc. You do not have to use the categories they give you in Shurley. Find something that you have a variety of and sort it. That's the big idea. Make sure that your child knows how to sort things........don't sweat the small stuff! Hope this is helpful!

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No way! I just sat with my MS Word clip art search and found pictures for the first lesson in about 20 minutes. (I might still have it if you want me to just send it to you) and then she breezed through it. I didn't even have to finish the instructions. I figured if she was that comfortable with it we'd just skip all the rest of the classifying lessons.


We used it for several chapters after that and ended up switching to GWG, but that's another story...

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