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Please help w/ resume


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Hi all! My sister is trying to find a job after many years of working as a stri%p#r. She originally put the club name and her responsibilities as a bartender/ customer satisfaction. But... anyone who looks up the club can see it's actually a str1p club. You guys on the Welltrainedmind are the most resourceful people I know. Please help us come up with something. She can't leave that time peiod off as it is about 10 years. ANy ideas?



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Does she need to list the establishment?


I've seen some resumes that just put down job title, responsibilities, and direct contact (supervisor/owner).


It might be non-traditional, but .. if it were me, I'd personally gamble on non-traditional resume over inclusion of non-traditional establishment!


I've spent the past three months working on the hiring committee of my work group. We're roughly 18,000 strong. In three days we received 20,000 applications for the 2000 openings, so we closed the application process. There was quite a variety of resume style. I won't lie, there were definite judgments about some prior work history. I think it was great that applicants were honest about and fine to include their prior jobs, and truth be told - a str!pper would've had excellent and relevant experience to fill our particular job, but I was a clear minority. It's a gamble, though, since being TOO general in a resume is not necessarily a great thing either.


That said, while str!ppers are the prominent employees at a str!p club most people (I think? I hope!) know that they're not the ONLY employees. Maybe she can word her resume creatively, using the words you suggested, and elaborate later (if asked). I'd change customer SATISFACTION to customer service, though LOL. It's great to be proud of one's work, but ... uh ... "satisfaction" coupled with the fact that everyone knows what kind of establishment this is just seems ... to be shooting oneself in the foot IMO :tongue_smilie:

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I think Tita Gidge provided some great advice above.


What types of jobs is your sister applying for?


Does she have other work experience she can list?


The main objective of a resume is to highlight relevant work experience and skills for potential employers. If she's trying to break into a new line of work, and her work experience at the club isn't relevant to the jobs she wants to apply for, I would leave the 10 years at the club off of her resume. If she did in fact have other responsibilities at the club (bartender, etc.) then I would just list those and leave the stripping off.


Another option would be to do a skills-based resume vs. a chronological resume. A skills-based resume starts off by listing relevant job skills, and lists employment history at the end. This emphasizes the skills, and draws attention away from employment history. Here's a brief article that summarizes the benefits of the skills-based format, along with samples of skills-based and traditional resumes so you can see the difference: http://blogs.wsj.com...s-based-resume/


Hiring managers usually make fairly quick decisions about which candidates to consider further and which resumes to toss. As a manager (in my pre-homeschooling life), I got tons of resumes for each position I was hiring for. If a resume didn't immediately capture my attention (due to relevance to the position), or if something struck me as "not quite right", I would toss it. Your sister's resume should present her in the best light possible so that she has a fighting chance at getting selected for an interview.

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Thank you ladies so much. Yes, I laughed and than cringed when I read satisfaction. lol


She is applying for everything out there that a high school graduate qualifies for. She has not even had an interview, so my mom and I asked her to send us her resume. Since high school, she has only had 4 jobs so I don't think she can get away with leaving that time off. However, Ilove the idea of skill based resume and going with something a little less conventional. There were other problems with her resume also, but I know how to fix the rest.


She is really trying to put her life together again, and it has been a struggle. Hopefully things will turn around for her soon. Again, thank you. I appreciate your advice. :)

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