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Should I???


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My sister is 31 and is in her 2nd year of Pharmacy School. She is in an accelerated program through the Mass College of Pharmacology and Health Sciences, so she will be done in 3 years. It is a demanding program, but she is really enjoying it. She also said there is a mixture of ages: some are younger, but more are older or around her age. She will have a Pharm D when she is done next May.


It's never too late! Go for it!


eta: she buys her books from Amazon.

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My aunt, who was a housewife with a high school education most of her adult life, decided to go to college and completed her PhD in her 60's. My best friend (40's), realizing her job prospects in her field were seriously curtailed by having "only" a bachelor's degree, is about to complete her Master's (while homeschooling a teen and working). My SIL (early 30's), who has an associate's degree, has started thinking about furthering her own education for better job prospects, too.


It's NEVER too late! If you want to do it, then go for it!

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Five years ago I posted that my dh was thinking about going to law school. He didn't go then...too much money, too many kids, etc.


He is now registered for the LSAT in June. The cost hasn't gone down. We have added another kid. :rofl:


But this something he wants to do. Something he needs to do.


Go for it!

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