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Change in highschool plans - PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

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DD has taken her 9th and 10th grade courses through the correspondence highschool classes at the Univ. of Neb, BYU and Univ. of Missouri.

She has a 4.0 and is sailing along well. BUT, she feels alot of stress. All of her tests are proctored at the CC and she has been on fairly rigorous deadlines with her classes. In addition, she is a professional country singer and does close to 70 shows a year.

Now, we will be ending "their" official transcript and attaching it to "mine". Many of the classes she has taken through homeschool co-op etc. that they would not accept can now be put on the transcript I do.



She could graduate early but she really does not want to. She also does not want to take classes at the CC this year either. She told me she would really like to slow down this year and take her classes at home the way we use to. She will probably take a few at the CC her senior year and then start full time the following year.


I think she will really enjoy the change. Anyway, I am putting her materials together. Would you all please look at this and tell me what more I should add or change?


Science - Apologia Chemistry (I was looking for something with good explanations and a lab.)

American History - History of US - Joy Hakim. I posted a question about this right below here.

Math - 2nd semester Algebra 2 - Teaching Textbooks

English - She loves the Univ. of Neb. English so we will probably order that.

Electives - I need to see what she wants to take


I am working hard to get this together. I appreciate your help.



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First of all, I want to tell you that you can do it. I see no problems with the science and English. The math is obviously one semester, so depending where you are and what her goals are, you may need more or you may not. Since you said you posted a secondary post about History of the US, I won't address that here. Has she done a foreign language earlier? If not, you may want to add that in.


Good luck

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Thank you Christine. Yes she took a year of foreign language at the CC. She has taken a ton of different classes but through the University. She tested into the CC honors English Program in 9th grade and we could go that route but she wants to do all of her classes at home this year. I think it's so she has freedom to go with her singing. I have not put together her lesson plans for a couple years so that I what I am working on now.

Thanks again,


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I just returned this weekend from the homeschool expo in Atlanta where Susan Wise Bauer was one of the keynote speakers. One of the things that struck me the most in her grade 9-12 workshop was how this time was when our young adults need to specialize. It may not be what they ultimately end up doing the rest of their life, but they should be allowed to find and develop a passion for something. It sounds like your daughter is doing this with her music. Maybe you can add an elective that would bolster that passion and be useful in the real world anyway like some sort of accounting/personal finance/run-your-own-business kind of course. Musicians aren't always noted for thier astute money management skills!

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