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Memoria Press vs Sonlight


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My oldest dd is going to be 7 and isn't fluently reading yet. I am considering Memoria Press, but when I spoke to them they said the first and second grade curriculum is based on the child reading for themselves. I would think I can read to them? I know with Sonlight I can.

Does anybody use Memoria Press curriculum and can comment?


Thank you,


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I know that some people do some of the reading in MP (story time treasures etc...) for the kids and work on getting the child's fluency up. (ex, alternating paragraphs or one paragraph a page) but if they're really not ready at all, I think they recommend working through first start reading. maybe the later books if she can read at all, or maybe some of the first grade readers. I know many people do a lot of the questions orally and either have the child write out one or two or the parent writes out a sentence the child said and then the child copies it.


the read alouds are intended for the teacher/parent to read to the child.


I think there's been some conversation on the MP forum about handling a child's reading level with these grades.

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it would be silly to do all of K just to increase fluency. you can also just order parts to mix and match levels for your subjects. you can get lesson plans for individual subjects for $3 if you want them. if your plan is to do MP 1 for next fall, you'd have plenty of time to increase fluency before then.

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Long lunch. Ha!



Daily schedule includes:

Prima Latina

Saxon Math

New American Cursive




Once a week - Read Aloud, Music & Art Appreciation, Poetry, Social Studies, Science


My daughter is reading fluently but she guesses at a lot of words so I have her read to me from the literature selection. During the reading time, I have us alternate reading a page, then I ask her the vocabulary and comprehension questions and write the answers for her. Sometimes I have her write a few on her own. Maybe I am taking for granted how much she has to read but I don't think it's that much. And any of it could be easily modified.


My favorite thing about Memoria Press is that I believe everything is part of a bigger picture, building on itself. And all of it will eventually fit together. The literature and read-aloud selections are wonderful, as well as the music and art appreciation. I do not get to the Social Studies and Science as much as I would like. I'll have to work on that. :tongue_smilie:


I am not great at expressing my thoughts clearly through written word so I just know I'm leaving something out. Feel free to ask me more questions. BTW, I did use Sonlight for a few years and enjoyed those years as well. I just feel Memoria Press fits better with the direction I want to go for my children's education.

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