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Free time dilemma


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What are some suggestions for ways for 12 year old boys to spend their free time? They have structured activities, friends etc but there are those times when we are home for the evening (like now) where they don't have anything to do. It would be very easy for them to spend their time flipping channels, playing video games etc. but ultimately that isn't very satisfying for anyone. it just feels like a waste of an evening to them and to us (parents). There are times that I need downtime and they need a break from each other, so what I am really looking for are suggestions for things for them to do by themselves that are relatively absorbing and that don't feel like school.


I would really appreciate any ideas on this. It has become an ongoing issue for us. As they are getting older, some of the things that used to occupy them no longer satisfy like they used to. Of course, the grey February weather is a factor for us too at this time of year.

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Lego, knex, erector sets, other building systems like keva planks, puzzles, books, extreme connect the dot books (the type that go into the hundreds). We have a craft bookshelf where we keep wood projects like assembly kits, paint by number kits, modeling clay, origami paper, and sewing projects. You can show them how to make their own scratch art paper and then they will have it to scratch at a later date. Introduce them to wood burning. How about baking?


Also... word searches, logic games, learning magic tricks from you tube or a book

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non-school related special projects,



art projects,

building sets,

two-man plays or other productions,

making music of some sort,

woodworking projects,

computer programming,

dog training,

board games,

card games

create their own games,

service project

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