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Opinions on America’s Providential History


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Thanks - We are Christians so I have no problem with that.


I guess the questions I am really wanting to ask are- How well writen is it? Is it something my 10 YO son might enjoy reading on his own? Does it make an interesting read aloud? or Is it a little dry with good facts?


Thanks! Melody

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Well, of course, this is just my opinion, but I think this book is too advanced for a 10yo. It is mainly a book of ideas - not chronological history. I don't know what you are looking for, but if you are interested in an American history book from a Christian perspective for a 10yo I highly recommend A Child's Story of America published by Christian Liberty Press.


America's Providential History is really a treatise of sorts. From the introduction:


"APH teaches more than just historical Christian facts. Biblical principles of education, law, government, and economics, the Christian idea of man and government, the Chain of Liberty moving westward--in short a Biblical worldview--are imparted through this book."


I think this book is best suited for parents and students high school age or above.


In the Beautiful Feet Elementary guide for American History, this book is read aloud by the parent. I think that is because the ideas presented may be difficult for a young student to understand without some parental instruction and discussion.

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Mel, I have America's Providential History and have to agree with K. I've been looking at it trying to figure out how BF recommends it for their middle grade american history study. If it's a read aloud, that makes more sense. It's really philosophical, more of an upper level book. It would make the most sense to a 10 yo if you read it aloud in little chunks and discussed together. If he's very interested in that, it might work.


Have you looked at the Abeka4 textbook and the Story of the USA series that SL uses in their cores 3 and 4? That's what I've been working through, making a schedule to correlate them with the VP american history cards. It's about the best thing I've found for this age. I also have Guerber, which my dd is BEGGING, positively begging to read. With the baby coming, I just don't think it's my reality to read it to her and use it as a spine, but it would certainly be one for you to consider. That extra year of age plus your involvement would make it work just fine. I'm probably going to let her read it herself and just call it good.

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