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Anyone have good recipes for salsa and marinara sauce?

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I can see about 20 tomatoes that will need to be picked soon and more green ones. Ds11 says "Great! Now, mom can make her famous salsa!" Huh? What famous salsa? I did make a giant vat of salsa last year and it was wonderful. I know I sorta followed a recipe but I had to add to it for our taste preferences. Ummm, does anyone have a "famous" recipe that they can share? We also have lots of green peppers and onions for my famous recipe.


Last year, my wonderful neighbor gave me a family recipe for marinara sauce. I love her but the recipe...not so much. I will have lots of tomaters, peppers and onions.


I would appreciate any assistance to keep my reputation as master chef intact:) So. much. pressure. :tongue_smilie:

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I make it to taste-but this is what I use


8-10 tomatoes

half a green cabbage

half a jalapeno

1 yellow bell pepper

half a handful of cilantro

quarter of a mayan sweet onion

1 piece of a garlic clove

salt to taste

a little lime juice

then finish it off with Lawry's seasoning or Johnnies(not sure they spell that on the can)


I am always asked to make salsa for our neighborhood BBQ's and parties. Everyone seems to really like it. It may sound weird to add cabbage to your salsa, but it takes the spice away from the jalepeno and still gives you the flavor. Try it-it's really awesome.

Hope you like it

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I have one passed down by my uncle.


Here it is


feeds 4 people (w/chips) :D


1 large onion

4 large tomato

1/2 bunch of cilantro

1 lemon

1 jalapeno pepper (to taste)

salt to taste


dice onion, tomato, cilantro, pepper and squeeze the lemon (to taste)

add salt (to taste)


When I'm lazy, I use the chopper, grinder thingy....

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here's mine, I tweaked a combination of recipes and came up with this one. We just made a batch last night, it freezes well.


Marinara Sauce


15-20 very ripe tomatoes, peeled and diced in pieces 1/2 to 1 inch

2 cans regular diced tomatoes or tomato sauce

2 cans fire-roasted diced tomatoes

3 T dried basil

3 T dried oregano

2 T Italian Seasoning

3 T minced garlic

1 small onion chopped

1 small sweet pepper chopped


To peel tomatoes: Bring a deep pot of water to a slight boil. Wash tomatoes, then cut a V into the top of each tomato, cutting away stem area. Put tomatoes with stem area removed into boiling water 1-2 minutes. Remove tomatoes to cutting board, and peel off skin, which should come off easily. If it doesn't slip right off, leave tomatoes in boiling water a tiny bit longer. I do 4-5 tomatoes at a time, and usually let them cool for a minute or two before peeling them.


Chop tomatoes and put in large heavy pot. Add the rest of the ingredients bring to a boil and then lower temp and simmer for 1-2 hours until thickend. it makes about 10 cups

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