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iTunes to mp3

Gretchen in NJ

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I think this is illegal. Theoretically speaking you need to go into the music folder on the computer, find the song, copy the song and then send it through email as an attachment.

Really? :confused1: I own it and am only having a friend edit it for me. She is not going to keep a copy of the piece. Ice skaters have to edit the pieces to allot for the time given. I would imagine gymnists would have to do the same.


I don't have the knowledge to do it myself nor can I afford the editting software at this time.

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I have a Mac computer. Do you have a Mac or PC?


You may be able to drag the song from iTunes to your desktop and then attach it to an email or load it onto a flashdrive in order to get it to your friend.


If you actually want to splice together different parts of the song the best way to do that is to download a free program called Audacity which will allow you to do all sorts of things. If you want to just create a shortened version of the song by taking a piece of the song without combining different sections of the song, continue to follow these directions.


Open iTunes


Highlight the song you want to edit


Go to Advanced then create an ACC version of the song. This basically makes a copy. It is the copy you want to manipulate, not your original.


Highlight your newly-created copy. Then select File>Get Info>Options Here you will see the "start time" and "stop time" for your song. It is here you will want to edit the parts of the song. What I do is I play the original song and watch the counter and jot down the start and stop times and then go back into the copy and type in the new start and stop times.


After you do this you can go back to Advanced and create a new ACC version of your copy (a copy of your copy). Only this final copy will be your newly edited, shortened version.


Create a new playlist, drag your new song to the newly created playlist and then go to File>Burn Playlist to Disc and burn your newly edited song to a disk.


Try playing around with it . . . just make sure you make that copy of your original song in case you make some kind of mistake. Manipulate your copy, not your original.


I taught myself how to do this, and even make my own ringtones using songs I already own (which involves another step or two) by watching YouTube videos. Google "How to shorten songs on iTunes" if these instructions are not clear and you want to try to do this yourself. Again, I am working on a Mac and I am guessing you may have iTunes Windows. I think it works the same, but I am not 100% sure.

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