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TMNT Lego sets already at TRU


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We were just at Legoland last week, and confirmed that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets would be released in January. But Toys R Us has them now. I just bought a set at our local store. There's a 15% off full price items in the current ad. My 6yo is going to be thrilled. Thought I'd mention it for any other Lego/TMNT fans. :)

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Why oh why did I open this?

I spent the last few hours trying to figure out if the stores here in Canada had them - NOPE.

Then tried to see if the closest border cities had them - NOPE.

Ended up having to order them on-line & get them shipped to my trusted US address....and ended up buying other stuff on-line....

And trying to figure how how/when I can get there - without dragging all 5 kids.

I knew I shouldn't have read this...


...but I'm glad I did. DS6 is going to be THRILLED!!! So thank you.

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