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How many Sonlight cores at once

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I've done two, and that's been easy so far, though the lower one is P4/5. Even the older core (D) only takes about 30 minutes of my time, so it's not bad. I could probably squeeze in 3, but I'd prefer to not do that unless one child was using one of the independent cores.


This blog shows a woman that does several cores at one time (4, I think?). One way she does it is that she has her kids do the history reading and read-alouds themselves instead of her reading aloud, once they're around 3rd grade or so (independently reading). I could certainly do that with my 3rd grade right now, but I'd want to read the books ahead of time (the woman on that blog does pre-read all the books). For now, it's fine for me to read aloud to my son - he doesn't mind. He'd probably rather just read it himself, but oh well. I haven't pre-read the books yet, so I'm learning alongside him. ;)

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Depends on the children and how you run your school day. I did 4 cores (p4/5, D, G, 100)fully at one time but two of my children were older and independent and one of the cores was p4/5 (which is just reading). I also had my husband do the read alouds in core D and I did the read alouds in core G. Other then that the discussing and writing from the cores is just typical school work you would have to do with different grade children anyway so not anything extra. I did not preread the books from the cores except a few I wanted to have deep discussions over, the rest I just skimmed to get the idea of what the books were about.

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