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How do YOU use Wordly Wise 3000?


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We're using Wordly Wise 3000 workbook level 7, and we do one workbook lesson per week, spread over two days. My DS does sections A through C on the first day of the week and finishes the other parts (section D to the end of the lesson) on the second day. (I don't know if the earlier levels are as lengthy though. We just started it this year.)


We alternate vocab days with grammar days. I think spending one week per vocab workbook lesson is working well for us.


We also use the online games at http://www.wordlywise3000.com/ (click on "students") to reinforce the workbook lessons and for review.

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We're doing their online subscription now, but it's the same as when we did the workbooks. We strive to finish one lesson per week, 3x/week.


Day 1: Pretest and Word list

Day 2: 4 Exercises

Day 3: Reading Passage, Post-test (and with the online thing, a retest of any that she got wrong)


We just started Level 4, been using Wordly Wise since Kindergarten.

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I use ww differently 2 ways"

For dd WW2

Day 1 Go over all words and do 2 exercises

Day 2 Make sentences for 5 of the words

Day 3 Make sentences for rest of words

Day 4 Do 2 more exerceises

Day 5 do puzzle at the end of lesson

Because I make dd write original sentences for the words she does not do the page with the reading passage

For ds ww10:

Day 1 Go over words

Day 2 make sentences for half of the words

Day 3 make sentences for half of the words

day 4 type sentences and give to me for correcting, study

Day 5 vocabulary/spelling test, correct sentences

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