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WTM Zaner-Bloser Recommendation and "Continuous Stroke"


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I had some confusion when I read TWTM a year ago and was deciding what to get for my then kindergartener for handwriting. It said Zaner-Bloser handwriting was "continuous stroke" but it didn't say that anywhere on the ZB website. I called and asked and the customer service person I talked to had no idea why WTM called it that. I almost didn't buy it because of that, but I finally decided to try it and I'm glad I did.


Today I got to host a guest post by a representative of Zaner-Bloser who does know why TWTM calls it "continuous stroke" and talks a little bit about "continuous stroke" vs. "ball and stick." Check it out if you're interested. (I'm not being paid to host it.)


I know other people on here have posted about this question and I thought I'd put this on here so people can search it when they need to.

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I choose ZB because Don Potter said it was one of the few modern cursive fonts that could be written quickly and smoothly and continuously once learned well.


I like using their self-education in handwriting book from the whiteboard when they are small before transitioning to writing on paper. Don is more old school and starts from a chalk board!


Of course, we both use Webster from the 1800's...


But, we both use macs and have websites!! Old school meets modern technology.

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