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City Kitties, moving to the country

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We think we found a house, and assuming everything works as planned will be moving sometime in the next month. :willy_nilly: :willy_nilly: :willy_nilly:


We have 2 spoiled cushy city cats who have never encountered anything more wild than a garter snake or the neighbors Boston Terrier. When we were out looking at the property we saw a white tailed deer right inside the tree line, and coyote tracks in the dirt. There is a great fence for the dogs during the day when we are home, but I feel like it would not be safe to let clueless cats outside in such a different environment. Both of them however really like to lounge in the garden or sleep in the sun on our back porch rails.


Any tips on transitioning them? Or has anyone ever built a cat enclosure that wasn't crazy expensive or over the top? I can envision some sort of cat door to a screened in cat coop, but I'm just making it up!

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I would just keep them in, personally. We live in the country, in the middle of nowhere, and shortly after we moved here a family of cats found us (a younger mom, two older kittens who I think were siblings of the mom, and 6 babies)...all but two of them were killed by the coyotes in the area. If you let your cats outside, it is almost like guaranteeing a death sentence. Just keep them inside.

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That is how I am feeling too, considering a roll of toilet paper is considered prey of choice, and they think dogs equal a warm place to cuddle. The good new is that the doors to the outside are all totally visible from the all open main part of the house so it will be easy to spot attempted escapes. I think I will also probably keep them in the small den area with doors that close for the first few days while we are carrying boxes and furniture inside constantly.


Any tips on helping them not pine for the outdoors once we get there? I am thinking a nice climbing perch and really active toys to simulate hunting. (and keeping the toilet paper well hidden!!)

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