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Help me with this turkey cooking dilemma!

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Ok, so our family is going to serve a pre-thanksgiving meal with our church this Saturday. I've been asked to make two turkeys. :001_huh:We usually fry our turkeys so I have NO experience baking/roasting one. We have to leave our house at nine am that day. They will have warming trays to keep the turkey warm. Should I get up in the middle of the night to cook turkey??? Or can I cook them the day before, put them in the fridge and reheat the next morning? Should I do them in the oven or buy an electric roaster? Any ideas for how to make the perfect turkey??? I'm scared I'll ruin the main dish for this meal. :tongue_smilie:

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Definately cook the day before. Why don't you just fry them the way you always do?

Having asked that, turkeys kind of cook themselves. Make sure they are thawed. Cooking bags work, but serioulsy, just throw that bird in teh oven. They are generally done long before the directions say, so check it. If the leg and thigh are wiggly, it's way done.

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