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Heads up for NaNoNovelists using Scrivener

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Went to our regional kick-off meeting yesterday. The Municipal Liaisons let us know that the word count validation program on the NaNo site typically reads manuscripts submitted in Scrivener about 1000 words short. There was another word processing program they mentioned having a similar challenge with, but I cannot remember which one (seemed to me it was not one of the more commonly used ones).


So, just a heads up. Validate early in case you need to add a few last minute words!

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Glad to hear you had no problems! Our ML told a tale of woe - someone had just over 50K words, started the validation process just before midnight, stepped away from the computer (you see what's coming here, aye?).


Short of words at 5 minutes after midnight. Not a win.:tongue_smilie:


However, they did say if something dreadful like this happens, contact a ML right away, apparently if you are really an authentic participant and short due to program error, there are fixes.


ETA - I went over to the YWP site, will sign dd up tomorrow. Decided on a 500 word goal for her (7, almost 8yo, very verbal kid).

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