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Elemental science physics for grammar stage

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This may not help, but we are using Elemental Science Earth and Astromony this year. It says 2nd and 3rd, but I find it VERY easy... my first grader has no issues whatsoever. I do write some of his narrations, but the quizzes and reading are really dumbed down. If the upper levels are the same way, you should be fine.



Okay, I actually just noticed that you use it too :-) Should've checked before posting

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We started it when my DS was a young age 9. He is very science minded and didn't have any problems with the material or quizzes. I did do his writing for him, but he has fine motor control issues so I often write out his answers.

I will say - I stunk at getting the experiments done. :tongue_smilie: But we loved the program!

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