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In WWS, the "topoi" is the type of writing that the kids are learning to create. I am having a hard time explaining it any better than that. But here are the topos in the first level...


chronological narrative of a past event

chronological narrative of a scientific discovery

description of a place

scientific description

description of a person

biographical sketch


As you progress through the curriculum, the kids are read examples of essays where the "topoi" are being combined. And then, they learn to choose appropriate "topoi" to go with the topic of their essay. Somewhere in one of the stickies there is a link to the table of contents that shows all the topoi that will be covered in the four (or is it three) years of WWS.


So, I thought that SWB made up this word, but I just looked it up on vocabulary dot com and it means "a traditional theme or motif or literary convention". So there you go!


Anyway, If you have more questions about WWS, try to post your questions in the Middle School forum. You will probably get a quicker reply!


I enjoy teaching WWS, however slowly we are progressing.

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