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Oklahome people. Where would you live if you were to take a job

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Sorry I misspelled Oklahoma.


We will be working near Tinker AFB? I homeschool but take it year to year so good public schools, private or charter near by. Hoping to purchase land/mini farm, but close to town, shopping etc. Where would I want to look for housing? Oh, dh likes easy commutes.

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The Moore/Norman area has a lot of military families. It has good schools, many private options, mostly Christian. Oklahoma has several online charter options that do not require you live in a certain district.


There is some land within the Moore amd Norman districts, you may have to go put of city limits and into smaller public districts of you want a lot of land.

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My uncle works at Tinker. His family lives in and around Norman. It's a beautiful part of Oklahoma. Close to Oklahoma City, benefits of being a college town and cost of living is low. I'm not sure what the actual commute is, but he's been doing it longer than I've been alive so it can't be too bad.



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