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Petersburg, Virginia

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We're moving from that area (we were stationed at Fort Lee) tomorrow morning, actually - off to El Paso. Petersburg itself - not really a place that I'd want to live. Definitely look into the crime rates in the area. We lived in South Chesterfield while in the area - it's a quick commute to Petersburg, and a quick ride to Richmond. The Petersburg area doesn't really boast much in the way of extra-curricular activities; however, you'll find everything you could want in Richmond. The area is bursting at the seams with historical treasures - my dd9 went to civil war camp and had a blast. We've spent quite a lot of time in the area state parks with our RV - BEAUTIFUL.


But definitely - as the previous poster stated - look into Colonial Heights, Chester, or Chesterfield for a place to live. We spent our last week in the area camping at Pocahontas State Park. The weather is lovely this time of year, and the leaves are changing.


My apologies for typos - I'm writing from my phone.

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We've lived in western Chesterfield County for about 20 years now.


My husband just started working at a job in Hopewell, VA, which is near Petersburg. It's about 24 miles away from our home, but his commute is pretty easy along Route 288 and I-95.


Chesterfield is a great place to live...plenty of stuff to do here for families. Lots of homeschoolers, lots of people who've moved here from other states. You'll be able to find whatever kind of kids' activities that you want.:)

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