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looking for options for drawing on the computer

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Trying to draw with my mouse really doesn't work well. What inexpensive options do I have for drawing on the computer using some type of pen?


My 19yo uses a Wacom bamboo tablet, but I have tried using her old tablet (the little bitty one) and while the tablet turns on, I can't get it to recognize the pen.


I have a pc with Windows 7, 64 bit.

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Well, I was going to suggest the Wacom tablet. Actually, I still would. Only, I would get a larger one than bamboo. My girls have the Intuos medium. If you have any difficulty with it, you could call for support under warranty. My girls absolutely love them. I'm not sure what they would do without them at this point. We have upgraded a couple of times. They don't last forever.

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My daughter's wacom was being unresponsive a while ago - like you describe, it looked like it was connected, but just wasn't responding to the pen, and after talking with customer support, we just tried a new USB cord, and lo and behold, it was as good as new. So maybe just try that and see if it helps?


She loves her tablet, and was lost without it when we thought it wasn't working.

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