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CPO Earth and Space- if you've used this I have a question

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It has been a couple of years since we used it, but as I recall there's no reason you couldn't do the space section first.





I'm having my 6th grader use this program while my younger kids use Apologia's Astronomy and am wondering if it is ok to start with the Space section of the program first before doing the previous chapters? Or, do I need to do the book in order? Thanks
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We are also planning to begin CPO Earth Science w/ the space chapters, although we are going to first work through the first three chapters. I think that my son will benefit from the initial chapters - hopefully, these early chapters will help him comprehend the long distances and wide temperature ranges discussed in the space chapters. The difference between mass and weight is also introduced there.



But other than these initial concepts, I don't see any mention of previously discussed concepts or vocabulary. So if your child doesn't need that background / review then I think you can start immediately with the space section.


(BTW, I expect to begin in about two weeks, as soon as DS finishes Ellen McHenry's Elements.)

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