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Please send some calming vibes to my ds today

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His birthday is on monday and my father and his wife are coming today for cake. Ds has been very moody lately (looking at my post history, this anger cycle has been long) and my father doesnt accept that ds isn't "normal" and has some high expectations where they dont belong.


If ds blows up today, my father will overreact, which sets up a poor cycle and it takes days to recover. If ds can get through the few hours, he tends to be very calm when my father leaves.


Please send happy and calm vibes to ds, all you can spare!

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We all survived just fine.


A few comments from the step mother, and my father actully stuck up for me on one of them!


She half jokingly said she'd take ds for a month and straighten him out. The first thing she'd do? Put him on a consistent sleeping schedule! This is the one thing i have always been great at with ds, and my father said so. But since i cant do anything right, she changed her tune and decided that ds gets too much sleep.


She doesn't like the young marines but didnt give me a reason.


Of course said they should be in ps.


Overall, it was fine. Ds had 49 candles on his cake! Lol. My father set them up as opposing forces, blue vs red, and ds was very happy.


He got an ipod shuffle and $30 in itunes cards from my father and his wife, another $30 itunes from his paternal grandmother, and $20 cash from my aunt. I got him a nerf gun, glow in the dark bullets, a mystery lego minifigure, a mystery hotwheels, a 5 pack of hot wheels, a hotwheels tub toy, and dd got him 3 packs of army men.

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I'm glad it went well! Thanks for posting this! I feel like I'm the only person with this problem. My father has zero patience with my children including my three year old that has a speech delay. He doesn't understand that she can't comprehend and follow his instructions. So he gets angry and loud thinking it will change her behavior. No matter how many times I tell him she doesn't understand every time we get together it's the same thing..... beyond frustrating! Glad you had a good visit!

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