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Suggestions on Math Video/CD Curriculums?


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Have you seen the CD rom supplements for Singapore?


I really wanted to try them, and was going to but don't think they will work on Windows 7.

If anyone knows please let me know!:bigear:


Teaching Textbooks is for 3rd grade and up. We are using that on the PC for 3rd-7th grade.


Also, I just found out that Chalkdust math has a video series for younger ages.


I like the video teacher on Chalkdust for Pre Algebra.

Debra Bell had a link on her blog for the Grade school programs.


Saxon has video teacher sets, but too expensive for me.


I bought the Math 87 dvd set with Art Reed as the teacher, but we are happier with Chalkdust.


So, I really only use Singapore with my 7 year old, and she plays Math Rabbit, does skip counting. We have pattern blocks, and base ten blocks too.


We also found a link on here for a FREE version of BIGBRAINZ for math practice and it is for Pre-K- 8th and above. It is fun for the kids, not sure how much retention yet.

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