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Name dropping? Any thoughts on why?


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Okay, I posted on something similiar this summer. I took my dd to a neurologist, and he tested her for 24 hours for petit mal seizures. Negative.


She did it again though...here is what happened.


She was sitting on the carpet, relaxed and just chatting. No stress. Then she says, "That dog needs this and...(keeps talking about a dog) Oh, what is that dog's name?" I look around the room, trying to figure out what she is talking about. Two of our three dogs are sitting in the room. I ask her, "you mean Reba?" She says, "oh yes, that's her name." She plays and sleeps with this dog all the time.


This past summer she had times where she would name drop, "grandpa, grandma, and one of her friend's names".


Any ideas of what causes this? Should I worry?

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I hope someone has some answers...especially if this is something new.


My own experience. I forget names all the time. I have for as long as I can remember. It is embarrassing. I will actually avoid people I know while I'm wracking my brain trying to remember their name. These are people I might know really well. I jokingly call it "noun deficiency" disease.

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I had a terrible time when I was a kid forgetting the name for common objects (like corn and spatula). I ran across this "diagnosis" for lethologica, which seems to fit. It says 9 out of 10 Westerners will suffer some form of it in their life, so I wonder how much of it is a "diagnosis" and how much of it is needing to name a normal occurrence.


Anyway, it might be this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lethologica


I don't seem to have the issue as an adult.

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