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Logic curriculum dilemma


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Ds finished Building Thinking Skills 2 a year ago, and he really wants to go back to logic studies. I'm thinking about switching to another logic series, but I am so confused. :confused::confused: I purchased Art of Argument, but I'm not sure that's going to be such a great fit for this year. I've started looking at these:

Fallacy Detective

Thinking Toolbox

Tradtional Logic I

Introductory Logic

(I feel like I'm forgetting another one, but it's just not coming to me.)


We are getting a late start to the schoolyear this year, and my curriculum decisions aren't even 100% made yet. I am feeling very behind and overwhelmed right now.


Honestly, I'm not even sure whether we should do informal or formal logic. Ds is young, but he's particularly gifted in logic and really wanting to do more with it. I think he's ready. Which of these programs would be a good broad introduction to logic studies?

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I don't know those specific programs, but I'd suggest, if you're looking at anything published by Prufrock Press, actually calling them and seeing if you can talk to someone who is in their GT division. I won a giveaway from them last year, and in trying to select the prize package, the lady there listened to what I told her on what DD was doing and interested in, and sent materials that I was convinced were WAY too high-and ended up being just right to be challenging.

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Instead of doing a formal logic curriculum, you might consider having him tackle adult-level logic puzzles. There are several excellent books by Raymond Smullyan that have excellent, challenging logic puzzles that have good explanations. Please do read the description of the book before you buy, though, as he has also written several books about Taoism and that would be pretty disappointing for a child who was hoping for some meaty puzzles! :-)


As a sample of the kind of thing you'll find in Smullyan's books, there's a puzzle posted here - http://weblog.raganwald.com/2008/05/few-easy-ones-from-raymond-smullyan.html

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