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Quick - anyone got some ideas for...?

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I am in the big city where I am not used to being watching a 4YO in addition to my two.


None of the girls feel particularly well (not contagious, just recovering) but for reasons which are long and surely no one cares about, we have to be out of the house all day. I have a small amount of money.


What in the world to do on the cheap in a city I'm not really familiar with? Ideas? Someone get my brain working!!

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--Visit animals at a pet shop

--Hang out at the library

--Buy something cheap to eat and eat it at a pretty park--maybe bring a book and do some read alouds at the park

--Or buy only ice cream cones at ChickFilA or the like and let them play on the play area (you said they're not contagious?)

--Depending on how the kids would feel about it...do some window shopping (Barnes and Noble, toy stores, etc...) They can be fun just to look at, maybe think of some Christmas ideas, etc... Obviously not fun if they are upset not to buy something.

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