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hermit crab question

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Does anyone here have hermit crabs?

If so - have they every killed/eaten their tank mates?


Up until last night we had 3 hermit crabs.


One has been more aggressive (guards the food) and has grown considerably larger than the other two.

He has always picked on the smallest of the crabs, and last night...he turned cannibal.

I found a pile of legs and claws this morning, and the big one hovering over it. (It looked like he had a Red Lobster crab-fest tongue.gif)


I wonder if they were just stressed?

We haven't changed their diet, but we did recently change their substrate - and the smaller 2 had been burrowing and seemed like they were about to molt. (The larger one just went through a molt, so maybe he was just really hungry? ) :confused:


I know they typically do better in social pairs, but now I'm wondering if I should move the other medium-sized crab out?

They have always gotten along better than the other two - but I'm worried that, with the little one out of the way, the big one may start to pick on him, too.

I just would rather not have to have to buy a whole other separate tank (and sand, dishes, etc)




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