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1st grader(2nd time) struggling with math


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I am looking for more things to do to help him with his numbers.


his struggle:

What comes before 34?


what comes after 69(going to the next set of 1os)


I know the why's, but the hows (little things that we can do again and again to help him)


Thank you oh most wise and have been there blazing the trail for others like me who are hitting head against wall!!

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Games with the 100s chart? When I taught 1st grade, we would play a "game" where I would call out a "secret code" (i.e. I would start by saying "color this number" but move on to "color the number that is before 33, color the number that is after 29" etc...) and after all the secret codes were colored in, it revealed a picture. Here's an interactive 100s chart, so you don't have to copy and color on so many print charts....handy. :)


Also playing around with a base 10 set might help him visualize the numbers...


Maybe something like MamaJenn's math game, Off the Grid.


These 100s chart puzzles are fun.


I like this little tool, too....

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For a few years, we had a number line running around our living room from 0 to 100 something. I got it in the bulletin board trimmers section at the teacher store. My dd, who is very visual, only understood "before" when I literally pointed out and said "that means on the left side." This was a breakthrough for us. Everything had to be visual. Hope this helps you.

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