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Algebra course for son (non-mathy mom) help!


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HEEELLLPPP! I need a course that will do it ALL! TT didn't do it last year for Pre-Algebra - we needed a tutor. So expensive! I am NO help- probably a hindrance to his learning. Suggestions PLEASE!


Honestly, if TT didn't work at all and you needed a tutor -- I would buy a decent, used textbook extremely cheaply from amazon and just plan on the tutor. Saving a few hundred on a course will pay for a fair amount of tutoring.


Or maybe the tutor will have a favorite textbook that they'd lend/recommend cheaply -- I've got multiple copies of many textbooks I like that I'd lend to someone if I were tutoring them.


Another option could be signing up for an online class, as long as you have good teacher support for answering questions etc.

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