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LOF Dogs epilogue sticker


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I didn't want to resurrect an old thread, this is not a debate about the book one way or the other. I just wanted to ask if others who had obtained the book via the used curriculum market were able to get a sticker?


Next step is to email Stan Schmidt directly, but if someone's already BTDT, I'd like to know about that first. If it's as easy as just ordering a sticker, I'd like to do that, though I did see the sticker text posted on another thread and could construct a page myself if need be.


We started Cats today, so I'll be needing that sticker pretty soon!

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IIRC, you can email him for a sticker.


I went ahead and did that - and received a very cordial reply! He sent me a pdf of the Epilogue which I can print and paste into the back of my book. His reply came within a matter of hours; it was a pleasant surprise to see such a quick response.


I do not fear discussing animal euthanasia with dd, even though she is a sensitive soul. She is also the sort of kid who likes to see an issue resolved (one way or another), and the epilogue will more neatly wrap the story up for her.

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Check the back of your book: if you bought it recently, it may have been added. Older versions (like mine which I purchased used) do not have an epilogue. The Dogs book deals with an overcrowded animal shelter. Fred tries to adopt all the dogs but realizes he cannot manage owning 30 dogs. The book ends with Fred returning the dogs to shelter, with the implication that they will be euthanized.


Apparently enough customers contacted the author about this storyline/ending that he decided to add an epilogue to the book to tell about a more pleasant fate for the animals.


If your book does not contain the Epilogue, you can get it by emailing Stanley Schmidt (his contact info is on the LOF website).

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