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They take soooooo long!

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We have 30 min. of chore time before school. Today because we were already caught up on the basics of housekeeping (amazing!) I assigned what I thought would be short (10 min.) chores. Dd10 was supposed to pack one box with bubble wrap and then seal it to get it ready for shipping. Ds15 was supposed to google drywall repair (which I already know how to do), find out what supplies we need and check the garage to see if we have the supplies and make a list of those we don't have. The 30 min. is almost over and they still aren't done. . . Dd had to wrap every single limb and antler - it's a stuffed reindeer in the box. It's cute that she's taking such good care of it but just stuff it in the box and be done with it! And ds is arguing with me over whether all-purpose joint compound is "good enough" for our drywall repair. Arrgh! I will not criticize! This is part of the chore - figuring out how to do these things. . . Right? We will get school started soon, right?

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So it's been an hour and 15min since you posted. Did they finish? Will the reindeer make it safely thru the treacherous postal system? Do you need to make a run to the hardware store for a different type of joint compound? Do you still have your sanity?




I called "time" and made them start school no matter where they were in the process. Dd was done packaging the reindeer except for putting away her packing supplies. She's now putting those away now. The reindeer would survive a nuclear blast in its cocoon! Ds has a list of what we need. I don't totally trust that we don't have all the supplies in the garage somewhere so later today I'll go look for stuff myself. Sanity? I don't think I've had any left since 1997, when ds was born. . .

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