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Is there a series like Margaret Hillert's Dear Dragon that's just a little bit harder? We're also reading Mittens and Biscuit but she could read something more advanced (but not too much so). Also, are there any good science based early readers? We've found a few scattered in the library but not many. DD loves animals and space.


Its so frustrating to go to the library and try to figure out what early readers are appropriate for my 5 year old. Some "my first readers" are way too easy and others have a ton of strange words and are too hard. Why can't there be a standard level 1, 2, 3?

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We love HOD's Emerging Readers schedule. Here's the link:




Your library wouldn't likely have the Emerging Reader's Bible (and I'm not sure you want to use it) but most of the other titles are very popular. They flow very well from one to the next, and HOD schedules one "chapter" a day and basic comprehension questions. We sometimes went through them quicker, and also added a fun project at the end of each book (paper bag Owl puppet after Owl at Home, sherbert frog floats after Frog and Toad, etc).


Keep in mind, though, that this is for structured read aloud time. I would also let DC check out other readers that interested them to read on their own.

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