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X-Post: If you have used Mosdos Press Literature Jade and Gold (7th & 8th Grade)

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We've used Gold but not Jade. We used the text and student workbook for Gold. I also bought the teacher's manual, but found that I didn't really need it as long as I read the stories as well. My ds found most of the stories in Gold to be engaging. The workbook is not necessary but is well done for the type of work it has. Typically it has vocabulary worksheets and graphic organizer type worksheets that cover different literary analysis skills. The textbook itself covers different literary skills as well.


I've never seen the books go on special. You can sometimes find them used, but not many have been for sale on these boards.

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You might want to do a forum search on Mosdos. I have seen a number of threads on the topic -- in general the comments I've seen have been positive. :001_smile:



Hi Trish~


Yes, I have done a search but there is so much conflicting information that it is difficult to determine how to proceed. I like what Mosdos has to offer but am confused about what to purchase. The samples provided on the Mosdos site and Rainbow Resources are few and difficult to read.


My DD will most likely pursue a degree in English/writing so am not opposed to purchasing everthing, but also do no what to waste money on items that we will not have time to use. I have Figuratively Speaking and Teaching the Classics which I could incorporate, but then there is the issue of time for planning. I am also concerned because there does not seem to be much of a resale market for these items.



Hence all the questions!:tongue_smilie:Thanks for trying to help.

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