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Where can I buy irradiated food?

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Anyone got a good idea?


My ds is doing an experiment, comparing irradiated to non-irradiated food. I know I can send hubby to Whole Foods here (AL) to pick up something non-irradiated. But what about irradiated? I don't recall seeing the symbol here in the store. . . .


Any ideas before I hop in the car and start trolling the grocery aisles?

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Actually, there is labeling, and a special symbol the food must display - from the MN dept of Health - "How can I tell if my food has been irradiated?


By law, foods that have been irradiated must be marked with a special logo (right), and labeled with the words "treated with radiation" or "treated by irradiation." Irradiated spices do not need to be labeled if they are used as ingredients in other food products."



The symbol doesn't show up in my cut-and-paste, but you can see it at the link below -




Now I don't know if this applies to ALL packaging, or if things that are usually re-packed in store (like meat) are still required to have the labeling, but it's a start.

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