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1st week on diet/lifestyle change

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Well, I lost 2lbs!!!! It was a long week of eating way too many veggies (I don't particularly like veggies) and no m&ms (I love m&ms) :glare:.


My new workout routine went pretty well too. It was harder than I thought it would be. After the first day of weights, it was really hard sitting down (squats). But the next day was core/balance and the day after was flexibility. I never knew flexibility could be so challenging!!


I noticed today that I did not have a headache at all. My sinuses are still a problem, but for the first time in I don't remember how long, I didn't have a headache. I didn't have one yesterday either and I'm sleeping better. So, these changes must be doing some good. I have been blaming the headache on the now chronic sinus infection, but the sinuses are still stuffy and the headache is gone! It must be the diet changes.


I'm still not over my chocolate cravings though and I really, really want a nice big dish of ice cream (or cake, or chocolate cream pie, or jumbo chocolate chip cookies).


Is the first week the hardest? Does it get easier now to follow the eating guidelines?

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Good job! I have lost 18 lbs in the last six months- changed my diet completely. I went on Weight Watchers and started drinking green shakes and eating green bars. I don't care for very many veggies, and don't particularly want to eat them, and I found another route to get my veggies so they'd taste better!


I found a company that makes a "green" bar that tastes like a candy bar! It helps me get my fix for chocolate, but it's good for me! The company is Amazing Grass and it is the chocolate peanut butter bar in the orange wrapper. They are about $3 a piece, but worth every penny. The bar is covered with chocolate and when you bite into it, it is actually green! I also started drinking AG green shakes (the Amazing meal Pomegranate and the ORAC) mixed with strawberry yogurt and almond milk to make them taste better. The yogurt is sweet, so that helps satisfy my sweet tooth also.


I do NOT work for Amazing Grass, but I like their stuff so much I tell everyone I can. Their stuff has made my diet more tolerable, and I feel much better with all of the green stuff and vitamins I've been getting. I also have chronic sinus infections and allergies and other problems, and I have been able to cut down my meds too.


Good luck to you and good job!!

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I also should tell you, it took me longer than one week to get used to the paltry amounts of food that WW lets me have! That was a tough one! I am still kind of surprised about how little I can eat every day- I usually eat small meals (banana, green shake, etc) every two hours and one real meal a day. I can't eat more than one actual meal a day and still be in my points and lose weight. I am used to it now, but it does take some time. And I still feel gypped! Haha- it's just reality, I guess! =(

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