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ER for the second time....

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Monkey is back in the ER this evening for the second time this week. I think I mentioned we have a tummy bug. Well, monkey got the worst of it I guess though not with the icky symptoms.


Monday night she threw up. Only other time was Wed afternoon.

She has had diarrhea maybe four times.

Wednesday, I brought her to ER because she hadn't drank well for us and didn't have a wet diaper all day.

They gave her two bags of fluid and checked her blood.

Today I took her to dr with thurs being as bad as wed. She gave us directions.

Unfortunately, monkey hasn't gotten better.

Tonight we are in ER getting fluid and bloodwork. She also had X-rays.

If they don't get the desired results, we will be transferred to Dallas.

Temp just taken. Normal! First time since tues!

No pee yet.

Dr said to expect a long evening as he has no intention of sending her home just to come back again.

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