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SWO or R&S Spelling?


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What are the main differences between these two spelling programs? We've been using SWO and are happy enough, but we're also using R&S for grammar and like that, too. R&S Spelling is such a good price. Would it be okay to switch from SWO C to Spelling by Sound and Structure 4?

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-puzzle like activities

-kid could complete the entire lesson without once even reading the spelling rule/tip box

-proofreading section/small writing assignment

-child sorts the words by the way the sound is spelled, and there's a bit of vocab work

-upper levels are more vocabulary focused

-all workbooks, all the way through

-teacher guides have more practice pages, the answer key, and sentences for the quizzes



-no puzzles, fluff or flashy objects

-strength lies in the exercises themselves

-kid has to work with the spelling rules directly to complete the exercises

-no proofreading, but occasionally there are a few sentences assigned in the vocabulary portion

-covers syllabication

-turns into primarily root based vocabulary in the upper levels

-workbooks in grades 2-5, textbooks in grades 6-8 (Other than titling the notebook page, the textbook levels don't require much more writing than the workbooks.)

-teacher guides have extra ideas for teaching the concepts, answer keys, and sentences for the quizzes



I vastly prefer SSS. My oldest child bombed big time with SWO. His spelling didn't improve a lick, and he'd rather poke a spork in his eye than do a puzzle for schoolwork. My second child loved the puzzles, then grumbled at me when I switched her to SSS. Half a year into SSS she ate her words and declared SSS helped her learn how to spell, even if it wasn't as fun to complete. All four of my students use SSS, and I have every level of it in my school closet.


SSS 4 would come after SWO C/3.

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