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AGH! Going crazy in last month of pregnancy!!!

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I know there are others out there in the same boat.


However, this time I am attempting a VBA2C... so if I cannot get my mind off of birth, I think of it all.day.long. I even had a dream that the doctors at the hospital told me "No VBAC" and it took me a few minutes after waking to convince myself it was a horrible nightmare!


What do you (and others) do, during the last month to keep your mind and/or hands busy? I need some ideas for things to do, mostly at home!

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I know what you mean. The birth itself isn't bothering me, but I"m so huge & miserable & swollen & grumpy that I can hardly do anything, I feel useless, I can't sleep, & worst of all, I'm BORED!!!


Here's what I've been doing:


1. Rearrange furniture.

2. Clean out closets.

3. Work on (or think about working on) scrapbooks.

4. Write a book.

5. Write a query letter for your book.

6. School plans.

7. Order books.

8. Play sudoku.

9. Come to the boards.

10. Mending.

11. Quilting.

12. Finish every project you've ever begun since you were about 14yo.

13. Paint.

14. Read to dc.

15. Read to yourself.

16. Eat watermelon. Lots.

17. Make & drink watermelon lemonade. By yourself.

18. Eat ice cream.

19. Eat Sonic ice. More than watermelon.

20. Did I mention the boards?

21. Watch movies.

22. Take cold baths w/ fun soap & a fun sponge.

23. Read magazines.

24. Nap.

25. Sit in the closet & cry.

26. Make curtains.

27. Calculate the age oldest will be when newbie reaches 1st g. See how that works w/ SOTW.

28. Look for a job.

29. Look for paper on which to write an article.

30. Research entirely new curriculum.

31. Try a schedule.

32. Try to fit in the car behind the steering wheel.

33. Clean out the car instead.

34. Shop.

35. Come home & vow never to shop again.

36. Research online groc shopping.

37. Make groc list, see what dh comes home w/, then don't cook after all.

38. Demand the a/c be fixed. Again.

39. Visit OB so you can be weighed.

40. Slap the next 3 people who ask if you're carrying twins.

41. Ask the 4th person who asks if you're carrying twins if THEY'RE carrying twins.

42. Visit OB so you can talk about how you FEEL.

43. Finally pack your non-maternity clothes so they'll quit taunting you.

44. While you're at it, pack the clothes that SAY maternity but only fit you the first 3mos.

45. Calculate the soonest possible date by which, considering postpartum, pg, etc., you might not be psychotic.

46. Make a list. Just because. Doesn't matter what.

47. Lose list. Ha! *Now* it matters *what*!

48. Get voodoo dolls for all the people who ask you to drive 2 hrs away, cover the church nursery, get a work-from-home-job, travel to a foreign country, attend a party, smile, get dressed. While you're at it, might as well get one for dh, too.

49. Go to the bathroom. I mean, w/ a bunch of kids in the car when there's nowhere to stop but a gas station & they're all young enough that they have to com inside, pull over. Unload carfull of kids, haul them all into the putrid public restroom, & pee w/ a roomfull of short people. But wait until you're running late. Preferrably for the above-mentioned party.

50. Check the mail.

51. Take in ironing. For app. $6/hr, even if you have a Master's degree.

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August 15th! The days are now passing so slowwwwwly


I think part of the problem is that:


1. driving hurts my left leg, so I've tried to stay close to home

2. Dh is taking an intensive summer class this month and is really busy

3. I feel too huge to walk around with 2 children in any public place for an extended period of time

4. The bath room issue


So far, people have asked me to drive them to the beach over a hour away, a trip to the zoo on a hot hot day... I just can't do it.


The PA student at my midwife appt. asked me if I was having twins last week too. "Just one, right?" to which I said "No, the other two are in the waiting room." I was just not prepared for medical staff to be that idiotic-- I thought she meant it was my first child.

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Well this is my 5th and it's the first time I HAVEN'T gone completely stir crazy. My summer is so overloaded that I haven't even thought about planning for baby yet (I'm hoping to have time the week or so before baby is due so if she's comes early we are in trouble). But right now I have 5 1/2 weeks to go and I'm trying very hard not to be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to do before baby - like lesson plans for 3 kids for a start.


But with the other 4, I did lots of puzzles, read lots of mindless books from the library (I didn't have the attention span for anything useful). With my first VBA2C I pretty much read, and re-read every piece of information I could find on the internet. Packed the hospital bag and of course washed every baby item in the house (and I HATE doing laundry but it was something to fill the time). If you have the energy you could cook freezer meals (but personally I find I need them now (35-40 weeks) and after baby is here, I have no trouble managing the house. Spend hours and hours of surfing mindless on the Internet (of course I do that even when I'm not pregnant). Yes the hours are long especially since you don't know exactly what you are counting down to. Telling women that baby can come anywhere from 38-42 weeks is just cruel (I know it's true but it's so hard at this stage to just wait). Good luck



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The PA student at my midwife appt. asked me if I was having twins last week too. "Just one, right?" to which I said "No, the other two are in the waiting room." I was just not prepared for medical staff to be that idiotic-- I thought she meant it was my first child.


This made me laugh. It is right up there with all the flight attendants who look over me with my brood and say,"Are you flying by YOURSELF???"


"Nooo...the children are with me."


I still have over 3 months to go in this pregnancy. So far I'm still enjoying (almost) every moment of it.

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Thanks ladies, I was thinking about doing puzzles, from the couch. I'm wondering if I hold a record for "things I am able to do from the couch."


This little problem that I have pretty much allows me 5 minutes at the desktop computer before the pain gets too bad, but I do have a laptop, which has been invaluable.


I've been watching MST3K shorts on Youtube, just because I need a laugh.


I will say that I loooooove being pregnant, even here in the end. I just don't like the limited mobility thing, dumb questions (ok well I admit I like replying to them) and people staring at me.

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