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Science recommendations?


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Ds, 7, is a science and math kid. But especially sceince. After two hours of science I say we're done and I hear "More Mommy, More" which is followed by pouting when I say there isn't any more to do. Every time we do an experiment he redoes it on his own again and again. You get the point. TWTM recommends Earth Science for second grade. Perfect now he'll know all about volcanoes and oceans and rocks and we'll get some more indepth answers to many of the questions I've been encountering lately. I have tons of books and the library here has a pretty decent selection to help. What I need though, is hands on stuff. I looked into the recommended experiments from TWTM (Science in a Nutshell series from Delta Education), but I can't find any review on them and it's a lot of money to drop with no real knowledge or opinions. I did call and the only extra information I got was what is in their catalog. I have also been looking at Janice VanCleave's Science for Every Kid Series, but those experiments may not be enough to keep him interested and satisfied with science. Does anyone have other recommendations or can offer an opinion on these?

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