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Edu-Track and OpenOffice?

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I was just given Edu-Track (Version 1.4, so I suppose it's a few years old) and thought I'd see how I like it. My computer runs Win XP and should be able to run Edu-Track, but it's stuck, saying that it needs MSAccess. I don't have that; I have OpenOffice and its programs instead (I think OpenOffice Base is the equivalent of MSAccess). Does anyone know if I can run Edu-Track somehow using that (and how?), or if it really won't work unless I have MSAccess?

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I find it difficult to believe it would require you to have MSAccess. Access is expensive, and needing it would make Edu-Track useless for almost anyone (I don't know of any home user who has Access installed).


Can you set .mdb files to open with OpenOffice Base? I'm wondering if it is trying to open its own database file and receiving a message that there is no program associated.

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I stand corrected. Sort of. It appears it *should* install a runtime version on its own, during the installation process.



However, you can do that from Microsoft's website. I would go with the 2007 version, as it appears the 2000 version is not available for download anymore, and I'm not sure how 2010 will work with XP.




Hope that helps get you to the working place!

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Thank you so much! Downloading from there did get Edu-Track to work. I really appreciate that!


Now, every time I load the program, it asks me to log in, which I do (as the user ID I set up for myself, with the password I set up), and then it tells me, every time, that there is a potential security issue. Why? I do tell it okay, and then it says that Edu-Track reconnected successfully. Does that mean it's connecting to a website every single time, or what?


I also attempted to register my product, but we'll see if I'm able to get a new log-in code or not.

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