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quick...which place should i have cater a baby shower?

Which place for the baby "sprinkle"?  

  1. 1. Which place for the baby "sprinkle"?

    • Place 1 (Sweet Tomatoes/Soup Plantation)
    • Place 2: Local Tea House

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ugh, nevermind. I got myself all excited, and just saw that place 2 doesn't open until noon on Sunday. And the party STARTS at noon, 30 minutes away. GRR!



Small "sprinkle" recently. 10 people all together, IF everyone shows that RSVP'd. Several are very health concious/hippy type people, but not everyone is. These are the two menu options:


Place 1: Sweet Tomatoes (Soup Plantation) (I pay by the person)

Cesar Salad Asiago

Chicken Wonton Salad

2 cold pasta salads

assorted muffins

Chocolate Chip cookies

baked potatoes and toppings (really not into this for a luncheon..not sure if something else can be substituted)

beverages..probably black tea and lemonade




Place 2: A local tea house that is very popular with a lot of this group

Teas Sandwiches: Cucumber/cream cheese on white and wheat, Herbed cream cheese with walnuts and dried cranberries on fruit and nut bread, and sundried tomato/spinach/pesto on whole wheat. (serves 15)

Premium Fruit and Cheese Platter: smoked gouda, havarti, irish cheddar, seasonal fruit (serves 12)

Quiche: 1 4-cheese quiche and 1 tomato Basil Havarti (16 servings total)

Herbal iced teas


Place 1 delivers, and even with delivery is less expensive...but just not as "nice". Place 2 I'd have to pick up, but it is a local business that I enjoy supporting. I don't like spending the extra $60, and it is less food...but nicer. What would you do?

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Hate to say it becuase it's more expensive, but the second one definitely more appealing to me. But, I love cheese and I'm gluten free so while the sandwiches wouldn't work, the cheese and fruit would. I'm with you, topped baked potatoes are something I like to eat at night in cold weather, not particularly for a luncheon.



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Normally I'd say support your local businesses, but since they don't open in time, Sweet Tomatoes it is. I love them!


I'm hosting a brunch tomorrow morning. *I'm* catering it (and have the Costco and Walmart receipts to prove it) It would have been easier to call someone else. Why didn't I think of that??????

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