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iPad Apps for ESL/ELL

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Hi all! I need suggestions for iPad apps for ESL/ELL learners, specifically for those home a couple of years (not very basic beginning level). I am looking for help with grammar, writing, and especially vocabulary development. Any ideas would be appreciated!



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For what age? I tutored a russian friend a bit last year (ESL), and one of the best things she had done for herself was to listen to audiobooks while she did other things. That's definitely something you can do with the ipad. I also took her through some Azar (grammar series meant for ESL) and SWR (to work on pronunciation). I did find websites on occasion that had online exercises to go with the grammar. Found those by googling the specific topic we were working on.


The Azar series isn't an app, but it's really tremendous, highly recommend. http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-English-Grammar-Answer-Edition/dp/0132333317/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1343830803&sr=8-1&keywords=azar+grammar There are three levels. You may be able to get it through your library.

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You might be interested in this website:




There's a whole bunch of articles on the site to read for free, about language development in international adoptees, especially how it contrasts with the more familiar model of ESL students beign raised in bilingual immigrant families. Having literate, native English-speaking parents changes things...it accelerates some of the language learning, but the rapid loss of the native language creates a greater need for grammar instruction (which you are clearly seeking out, and being an awesome homeschool mother to provide!). Anyhow...there's some good technical articles about international adoption from an educational standpoint. :)

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