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We do 3 lessons a week, on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. We listen to the audio cd's while reading along (everyone gets their own book or last year they got copies of the story). We might have some supplemental reading from a library book or a maybe a documentary or a short film when possible. We also do any mapping activities required after our reading and on Fridays we put our figures on the timelines.


We make a folded timeline on a presentation board every year, so at the end of our 4 year roatation we'll have 4 completed boards. In addition we also keep a timeline book that we keep adding to every year so it will be one completed timeline book at the end of our 4 year rotation. The kids take turns doing either the bigger or smaller timeline each week.


Occasionally we'll do an extra research project if someone/thing is particularly interesting and write a bit about it. We also try to do some outlining and summary work. A lesson typically takes us an hour.

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Used vol. one last year with a High School student and will do vol. 2 this year. I just made up his schedule for the first 2 weeks but they pretty much resemble how we will do the entire year.

Mon: Read Fire Ignites, pg 3-5 and do pretest.

Tues: lesson 1, do 1B #3, do not write answer but discuss with me.

Wed: lesson 2, do 2 B , all

Thurs: lesson 3, do 3C #1

Fri: Memory cards pg 19 and what did you miss pg 21, finish it on Mon. Do map work #3-4

Mom:Finish Fridays work and do Pretest pg 22

Tues: Lesson 4, do 4B

Wed: Do 4C

Thurs:read lesson 5

Friday:read lesson 6 do 6B and 6C#1


Since he is in HS, all work must be in paragraph form, typed and the work cited. Memory cards are written on index cards. Usually we get 3 lessons completed in a week. He enjoys this class and will spend anywhere from 1-2 hours but this is him mostly looking at related things online as he searches for the info for his answer paragraph. Most assignments will be a paragraph but every few weeks I will make one a much longer assignment. He will also be reading about 8 books, the Bronze Bow is the first one.

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My 6th grader is going to be starting Vol. 1 in a few weeks. We will do History 4 days a week, as follows


This is the first two weeks broken down


Week 1


Day 1 - Pre Test

Read Lesson 1 in Section 1

Creation Book Activity

Read SOTW Chapter 1


Day 2 - Read Lesson 2 in Section 1

Self Portrait Activity

Read Adam and His Kin


Day 3 - Read Lesson 3 in Section 1

Memory Cards

Map Work #6

Continue reading Adam and His Kin


Day 4 - Review

"what did you miss?"

Timeline or Book of Centuries (haven't decided yet)

Continue reading Adam and His Kin


Day 5 - Complete any unfinished assignments

Week 2


Day 1 - Pre Test

Read Lesson 4

Answer Questions pg. 22

Continue Adam and His Kin


Day 2 - Lesson 5

Ancient Writing Lesson 1 (IEW)

Read SOTW Chapter 11


Day 3 - Lesson 6

Memory Cards

Read SOTW Chapter 2

Continue with Ancient Writing IEW Lesson 1


Day 4 - Review "What did you miss" pg. 30

Timeline or Book of Centuries

Map work #9

Read SOTW chapter 3


Reading Adam and His Kin as well


I have an hour and 15 minutes set aside for History, I don't know in reality what we will need or use. My other dd is doing Trail Guide which I think will be more involved, so this child can do extra History (reading, videos, etc) if she has time. I will tweak as I know what we will need.

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I just use it as a read aloud in a very haphazard manner. I keep it by the read aloud chair and grab it when I think I haven't done enough with a student, but don't know what else to do, because I'm a scattered and confused person. I keep Bedell and the 4th grade R&S geography text there too, and assorted other titles.


I just don't stress over organizing content. It's enough for me to TRY to organize skills. I do make a small effort at organizing geography though, I guess, and geography is content :-0 I love teaching history, just not teaching it in an organized way.

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Well, I did twist my ancients into a two-year study. It is not so much a typical 3-lessons-per-week study as it should have been.


A lesson begins with the pre-test. I read the bible passages and excerpts from the Victor Journey Through the Bible. She answers pre-test questions. If she does not know the answer, I have her guess. This is filed into the notebook. I have her read the lesson. I have her do a notebooking page from the MOH notebooking pages. She colors (yes, my fifth/sixth grader still colors and draws!) or draws from the set Drawing Through History and Drawing History. We consult the Ancient Science text, SOTW1, Streams of Civilizations, various encyclopedias like Kingfisher and Usborne, etc. Now that we have a good grasp of the topic, she chooses an activity from MOH or other history activity books. I use Map Trek instead of the MOH maps. We have more maps to complete as a result. She completes the map. She completes the post test. She completes any quiz or exam. All work is punched and included in her notebook. She reads her weekly newspaper if one is available for that lesson (I love these papers! They are like little newspapers.) and completes the crossword and word search puzzles.


Lastly, we add any photographs of projects or experiments and make a scrapbook page.


:) Does that help?


I would love to add the lapbook elements, but we would never finish ancients this way!

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