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Arranged friendships?

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I have a dd 10 1/2, and she doesn't have many friends her own age (and the ones she does are getting heavily involved in their own activities) which I know isn't a huge deal, but her sister who is 9 does, gets invited to sleepovers etc... I was thinking of putting out a message to our local homeschool group to see about trying to set up activities where we may meet other girls in the 10-11 age range. I have no idea who would respond...does this sound like a good idea or bad idea? If you've done this before, what kinds of activities would be good for this age range ? I know I could do a book club, but then I feel like I could run into issues with the book chosen. This DD is only involved in gymnastics, but the kids are a lot younger and go to school, so no opportunities there, and church kids aren't really an option either. Neighborhood also doesn't produce anything...thanks!

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We did something like that with the neighbor boy.


I meet his Mom through a homeschool message board. I then got together with her once or twice at a homeschool meeting for parents.


The first time our boys meet I had Mom and boy over to play a board game. By the time we were done playing the game the boys were happy and willing to go get into a game together.


They are now the best of friends.

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People do this all the time on our local boards! Not weird at all. I would just ask if anyone wants to meet at the park, the take it from there.

:iagree: I see these requests all the time on the local lists I'm on, usually geared around a specific interest or two so the kids have something in common to start.

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