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We just started this program, first grade level.


Jury is still out. I can't tell you much about the content yet!


Cons- the quality is not great, the camera bounces, it sometimes blurs, and the audio stinks. Really, it's bad. Bad.

I still have to go over the worksheet and teach it, the video doesn't go over the worksheet, and I feel like it should with this grade level.


Pros- Its something I can easily do daily. Its easy to pop it in and go. The workbook prints well, and I can reuse it with my younger kids. The price is good. It's more open and go, and self explanatory than IEW's TWSS

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Thank you BugsMama and MerryatHope! I love that you shared both the pros & cons of the program - very helpful!! I'm hoping the bad sound won't be a distraction when viewing a lesson. However, it's good to know in light of the sound quality, that the lessons are short. I was also glad to hear that the handouts were easy to print. (When handouts are difficult to match with the corresponding lesson it reminds me of my school teachers trying to synchronize the film strip with the film audio. ;)) MerryatHope: Wow, what a difference between the two paragraphs your son wrote! Nicely done!!:thumbup:

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Wow Merry, that is an awesome improvement in your ds' paragraph!


I was planning to use Write Shop with my reluctant 7th writer and IEW All Things Fun and PLL/ILL with my younger crew, but this looks so tempting. I like that grammar is included with the younger ones, too. Hmmmmmm.... What to do?


I tried IEW TWSS and SWI last year and while I liked the theory, the dvds were laborious for ds. We switched to Writing Strands 3 and did the whole book with little to no improvement in ds' writing. I need more guidance and he needs more accountability. I have been looking through WriteShop and it would probably work, but looks teacher intensive. I want to spend my time with my oldest doing more discussion for history, Bible, and lit. You know, building characters and teaching worldview. Maybe this is the answer.

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