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Latin or Spanish

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Just when you think you have it all figured out you start second guessing yourself. My children will be entering 7th grade and 6th grade. They have each completed 2 years of Latin (Prima Latina and Latina Christiana I).


If I have them do two more years of Latin, the 7th grader would be ready to do 2 years of Spanish in his 9th and 10th grade years. However, Latin wouldn't show on his transcript. I'm not as concerned for him as I am for the child who is in 6th grade now who has 3 more years before high school to start earning language credits. She potentially wants to enter the medical field so maybe she should only do Latin (might look better on her transcript).


I had planned on doing Memoria Press' First Form through Fourth Form Latin program. It would take four years though which would leave my eldest his 11th, 12th grade years to take Spanish but by then he may not want to take a language in his senior year? So now I'm considering Henle Latin and debating as to how far to stretch it out.


Any suggestions? I would like for them to get recognition for doing Latin but also see the benefits of learning Spanish.




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I suggest that you consider the benefits of applying for a job. Being bilingual in Latin American Spanish is a huge advantage, if you live in the USA.


Born and raised in California, I never dreamed that I would end up living in Latin America, but I have lived in Colombia, for more than 17 years now.


Being Bilingual in Latin might help with studies, but I doubt that it would help someone get a job or keep a job.


A late friend worked for a major U.S. airline in the USA. He told me they had 2 stacks of resumes in their office. One stack for bilingual people and one stack for people who can only speak English. You can guess which stack they look at



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It is a misnomer that physicians and lawyers need Latin. Most in both fields will tell you Spanish is what is needed if one wants to practice in the U.S. One third of people living in the U.S. Speak Spanish as their primary language.


Chinese is also the number one spoken language in the world. If one speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese there are not too many places in the world he can go and not get a bite to eat.


And by the way, all of my family who practice medicine and law will tell you Latin is not needed at all. If one wants to be a physician or lawyer, he should study medicine and law, not waste time on Latin. I know that is a big change from what used to be recommended.


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