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Dance mom.

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I told the lady fitting dd ballet shoes today we needed spilt souls and I did not pay attention I figured she heard me and knew what she was doing, WRONG. She put dd in regular ballet shoes, which I figured out reading the other dance thread and checked what we had and what the split should look like vs what the girl sold me. My question, just to put my mind at ease, since the dance store is now closed. DD wore the ballet shoes only in the store to make sure they "felt right" do you think the dance store will still exchange them for the split shoes I had asked for or will they considered them worn if dd wore them a few minutes in the store? I don't know how strict they are and what they consider "wear" on ballet shoes. I will be there first thing in the morning.

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They should exchange them *if* you haven't sewn any elastic on (if not pre-attached), marked them R/L or with her name, or gotten them dirty- including sweaty toe prints inside.


all the store as soon as they open and explain the situation- especially if it;s not close by and you can't make the trip for a day or two.

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Thanks ladies. I feel better. No sweaty toe prints and no alterations. It is a store that has been in town a long time so I believe their cs will be good. I sure wish I had looked at the shoes and asked questions first. DD was distracting me looking at all the amazing dance wear they sell.

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