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favorite Unit Studies/kits for older kids


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I really would like to be more literature based/classical in our schooling, but the fact of the matter is that my son already gnashes his teeth, wails, and meltsdown over really book-workey type stuff and would be even more miserable with a fully literature based classical curriculum.


He loves unit studies however....


I am trying to bring together the best of both worlds. So far we both love the intelligo units, but I would like to find some that have more off the computer activities and reading.


I have been browsing through currclick, the simple schooling website, and also found a bunch of fun kits for science that I think we could incorporate books and more in depth studies with.


But I would love to hear any suggestions, there are so many choices and I have no idea if they are any good! :willy_nilly:


I would prefer secular, but if not at least fairly neutral.

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